VIP Lounge
VIP Lounge: This deluxe lounge is only accessible with an ID card for your maximum privacy and security. It is also fitted with showers and a toilet. Utilize this lounge to:
  • Host your guests of honor
  • Store your belongings while the event runs
  • Prepare before the event
  • Be used as a waiting lounge
Backstage supporting facilities are provided to ensure the convenient running of your event. Includes:
  • Two separated dressing rooms which divide into smaller changing rooms for your privacy and comfort
  • Lockers with personal keys
  • Full-length mirrors, toilets, sinks, and showers
Clean, luxurious toilets complete with disabled toilets and full supervision of on-duty staff.
Medic Room
We uphold ISO standards and provide a medical room with a bed and wheelchair should an emergency arise.